Monday, June 14, 2010

Hair Care

Figured id do something a lil different today and post up my hair care and what i do to keep it looking its best.

I take Biosil supplements twice a day, morning and night adding to a total of 12 drops it helps with my hair skin and nails :)

When my hair is dry i brush with a natural boar bristle brush. I'm not sure  how the rough texture softens my hair but it does and i love it. It itself is a holy grail item.

I wash my hair in no set timeline, basically when i feel like doing it i do lol, but on average its every other day. The shampoo i use is Brocato Cloud 9™ Miracle Repair Shampoo Followed by Cloud 9™ Miracle Repair Treatment

i use a condition wash condition method to care for  my hair i apply the miracle repair treatment  from the ears down and apply the shampoo from ear up. I rinse then repeat with the repair treatment from ear down. and rinse

I towel dry my hair and spray Aussie Sydney Smooth heat protector+leave in conditioner spray. to help detangle my ends

Depending on my mood i either use Inecto pure coconut oil, which despite its label contains more demithicons then anything else. Or i use Got2b Smooth Operator i run these through my hair while still damp to add shine and at times i finish off with it when my hair is dry to tame down some of the frizz.

If i want a little oomph i use Lanza volume bodifying liquid on still damp hair

And if i want to flat iron my hair i use Matrix Vavoom gold heat spray. but i don't straighten my hair much as i already have naturally straight hair.

I don't normally use the last two products as I'm a wash and go kind of girl, but on days i want to feel special or do something different i usually curl or straighten my hair. that's only about once or twice a month if that. Ive been using this routine since about February and it has worked for me thus far, i don't deep condition at all as all the methods I've tried just leave me feeling too oily or greasy if anyone have any suggestion id love to hear them.
what are  your holy grail products? what have you found that works for you that you always use? or seem to fall back on?

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  1. Have you tried any of the other got2b stuff? I'm always tempted but I'm not sure if its just the packaging, ha ha!