Sunday, March 21, 2010

Review : Revlon ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powder in Brighten

As the title says :P
Sorry for taking so long in reviewing this.

Packaging is cute i like how it looks, the swirls of white and pink is pretty makes me feel bad for potentially mucking it up by using it. I like the raised dome of it. The casing is a durable plastic

Product The idea behind it i think is to brighten the skin with white and pink light refracting pigments. It says finishing powder to me that translates to a all over the face powder but with me that seemed to much. It would brighten my complexion and the shinies made my imperfections less noticeable but i also glowed like a damn light bulb, I'm into that whole nice soft youth full glow but this seemed to much I'm naturally pale to begin with and this just seemed to amplify that. It might work better with someone with some colour (not pasty white lol) or as a highlighter for specific areas like cheekbones i can see it working but then i find it a little misleading to being called a finishing powder should be called highlighter if that's all it can be used for.

After using if for awhile it kinda grew on me i found that if i used it and another face powder (matte) it toned it down a bit and actually looks kinda nice ;)

Will i buy it again, prolly not
Was is worth buying, not really its a damn highlighter and i already got one of those
will i continue to use it, most likely but prolly not on a regular basis

overall about a 2.5/5


If i could go a single day without crying i think that would be awsome :) To try and brighten up my mood some i tried for a colourful pink eye..No not one caused by fecel matter. (old movie moment dont mind me) One created with purple and red eyeshadow turnerd out more pinkey though ;D

Innocence Mineral Cosmetics in melancholy shimmer (lid and lower lash line)
Innocence Mineral Cosmetics in Glitter Red (crease)
Innocence Mineral Cosmetics in magenta pearl (highlight)
Eye cream as primer
NYX Doll Eyes Mascara
Loreal liquid black liner


Arbonne Virtual Illusion Makeup Primer
Arbonne About Face Line Defiance Liqued Foundation in 6n
Covergirl Aqua Smooters in 710 classic ivory
Maybellene New York Romantic Plum blush
Revlon Color Stay Mineral Finishing Powder in Brighten
Almay Pure Blends Translucent Matte Finishing Powder

Lip Balm
CoverGirl Coffee Toffee

I used two different foundations cause nethier of which suit me well on there own together they seem not so bad, the Arbonne was a gift from my mother she ended up giving me the re9 kit ( i think thats what its called) the primer and foundation which was to light for her, but too orange for me. The Covergirl i bought to replace it but it was to cool for me. Right color but just made me look to damn pasty so mix the two and viola near perfection :)

With Flash

Without Flash

I also usually use a kohl black liner pencil but couldnt find mine *Update* i found it moments after this post lol.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Well here i am, sorry i haven't been around latley but its been one hell of a week and not in a good way, its been so much of a roller coaster ride i havent been in the mood to blog damn hell. Basicly boyfriends an ass no other way of putting it really...

I'll working on the reviews shortly i've been able to use a few of the products the last few days. ill prolly just write them all up tonight or tommorow i got a good enough opinion on them theres no real need to delay it any longer..

Bloody hell i still feel like shit, and i apologize with the very negative tone this post carries i'm trying to not be so pissy but with what ive just been through i cant help it.

Love yah all take care :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Went to the city yesterday and managed to come home with a new member for the family :) She's ugly as sin but 100% adorable. Still trying to find a name for her so any and all suggestions are welcome. also came home with another bottle of nail polish, how purple is coconut kiss is beyond me lol.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Beauty Hauls

Went to see my family yesterday and had a total blast :)Found out my go to girl isn't working in the cosmetics department anymore. She got transferred and the new girl is a person I truly despise so not sure if I'm going to continue shopping there, but i still managed to get a few new items to add to my make-up bag ill be reviewing them throughout the week.

A quick rundown of the products i got.

Almay Pure Blends finishing powder in Translucent matte
Revlon Color Stay Mineral finishing powder in Brighten
NYX Doll Eye Mascara waterproof in Extreme Black

Reviews coming throughout this week stay tuned :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Feeling hot so had to share ;) LOTD

Heya peeps, so been chillaxin at home latley not doing a thing, ah its good to be me sometimes. Anywho i figured id upload a LOTD not sure how yet so bare with me if it isn't all perfecto yet :)

Products used

Maybelline NY Eye Studio in Sunset Seduction
Annabelle Kohl eyeliner pencil in Chocolate
Rimmel London Sexy Curves full volume and curve mascara

Maybelline Instant age rewind double face perfector
Cover Girl aqua smoothers foundation
Maybelline NY Powder blush in Romantic Plum
Mineral rice finishing powder

Nivea lip care Strawberry
Marcelle Rouge vitality in Pearl Chiffon

Monday, March 8, 2010


This is my first ever post to my first ever blog lol. Basically I'm here to blurb, rant, review, and discuss stuff from my rather obscenely normal life. As I'm new please be patient as i grow and learn the in and outs of this blogging deal :)