Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NOTD Pinkie :)

Painted my nails yesterday and this is what i ended up with, I've got a bright pink french manicure thing going on, along with a accent nail. due to shinnies and light and a crappy ol camera you cant really see whats going on. On the accent nail i have a pink, orange and silver grassy flower Konad stamping along with a white and pink butterfly decal :) been ugly outside so was looking for something to brighten up the mood.Don't pay to much attention the fail going on was in a rush :/

Accent nail..yay pretty :)

Colours i used and my damn camera cant photograph anything right..i pray and wait for the days my boyfriend gets me a new one :) and unfortunately until i do get a better camera your gonna have to deal with crappy photos : /

The Nail polishes i got don't have colours on them just numbers so
Tip colour N.Y.C 207A
Flowers N.Y.C 205A, 207A, SH Silver from the metallic french manicure set.
Top and base coat O.P.I Natural Nail


  1. Pretty. Your photos are too bad. If you do get another camera, be sure it has MACRO mode. You can get real close and it will focus,

  2. I meant your photos are NOT too bad. :)